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OK, Let me introduce you to the band. We're SNOOZE, a punk/ska/reggae band from the Netherlands.
The band consists of five members, who met during high-school and started to make music.
In the beginning it was not that there was a band, but we were trying to make some music in our
bedrooms with a lot of beer to support us.

Then Rieno started playing bass and introduced us to his nephew, who is a drummer. At that moment we
could start rehearsing. That was about at the end of 2002. The first place we reahearsed was the music
school in Winschoten. After blowing up some amplifiers over there we had to move.

We moved to the rehearsals to Jorams place. At first we played on the attic, then we got promoted
to his moms hobby room, where we still rehearse every friday night. (thanks Marga)
We still rehearse there every friday night. In april 2004 we recorded a demo at our
regular pub, the Vastloper. We also recorded some live-sessions over there. We're still very active
and we're rehearsing new songs every week. We're approaching the magic number of 50 songs.


Snooze - No more war!
protest song against the war in Iraq

Unite-It festival photos
Unite-It festival, Meppel, 10 november 2007

Aeilko Zijlkerhuis photos
Aeilko Zijlkerhuis, Nieuw-Beerta, 6 oktober 2007

Royal Club photos
Royal Club, Winschoten, 15 september 2007

Schools out party photos
Cultureel centrum van Beresteyn, Veendam, 24 juni 2007

Roege boudel festival photos
Aeilko Zijlkerhuis, Nieuw Beerta, 19 mei 2007

café 't Pleintje photos
Winschoten, 16 april 2005

Willem Lodewijks Gymnasium photos
Groningen, 24 maart 2005

Café de zolder photos
Groningen, 19 november 2004

> Café Castel photos
Winschoten, 12 november 2004